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ITT/Barton Hydramotor Replacement

PMT’s HydraThrust actuator was specifically designed to replace the ITT/Barton Hydramotor as a like-for-like drop in replacement.  PMT has designed the HydraThrust actuator to be low maintenance with high reliability.

Each unit comes with a warranty on parts.  All components are externally mounted to facilitate field maintenance with no special tools.  It can be mounted in any configuration from horizontal to vertical and has external oil reservoir site glass for operator convenience.

  • Qualified for harsh environment in accordance with IEEE-323, 344 and 382
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Reliability
  • Proportional and two position models available

Interested in the technical details of an equivalency evaluation of the HydraThrust actuator to the ITT/Barton Hydramotor?  Contact Us today and we will forward you a copy of the engineering document.

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