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Nuclear Reciprocating Compressors

PMT provides safety-related and non-safety related water chillers, glycol chillers, and condensing units driven by reciprocating compressors.  These chillers are available in capacities up to approximately 100 tons (~350 kW) and are custom designed for your application.  For water chillers with a capacity greater than 100 tons see the Screw Chiller or Centrifugal Chiller page.

PMT has the knowledge and experience to design custom units for your application.  Our chillers are designed from the ground up to meet your specific needs.   For replacement units, we perform field walk downs and determine exact locations of the existing piping, electrical and relief lines to use as design input.   PMT’s custom-designed units help reduce installation time and the scope of your design change packages.  We will work closely with your engineers to design the best unit for your application.  Additionally, because PMT designs and manufactures the chillers, custom design features desired by the site can readily be incorporated into the chiller package during the manufacturing phase should the need arise.

After completion of fabrication, PMT has an extensive test facility and can performance test your chiller under design conditions to prove the machine meets capacity.  Refer to Refrigeration Capacity Testing page for further information.

These chillers can be provided with analog or digital controls.

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