Thermal Testing

Nuclear Qualification Thermal Testing

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Thermal Testing

Thermal Testing can be performed to validate heat transfer performance on air coils, air handling units, and heat exchangers with a testing protocol developed specifically for your application.  PMT can fabricate test ductwork and create a continuous closed loop duct system with heat source and humidity generation to put heat loads on a coil or the complete air handling unit.  We can performance test heat exchangers under a variety of conditions and record the actual test parameters utilizing calibrated M&TE and our Data Acquisition System.  We can simulate your design basis and perform other tests that cannot be done once the equipment is installed in the plant, as well as generate up to 1,500,000 BTUH with our existing arrangement, and cooling water comes from our 472,000 gallon reservoir at up to 1,500 GPM.  Testing can be performed under our safety related quality assurance program.

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