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About PMT Nuclear: PMT Nuclear is a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing, qualifying and testing safety related and non-safety related custom HVAC equipment to commercial nuclear power plants. We are constantly supplying chillers, air handling units, filtration units, heat exchangers, ductwork, dampers, and other critical equipment to most domestic and many foreign utilities.

While many companies dropped their 10CFR50 App. B QA programs once new plant construction slowed down, PMT Nuclear was just getting started. Founded in 1994, PMT Nuclear began with a core group of personnel who had spent their careers in commercial nuclear power construction and started off as a custom sheet metal shop. Over the years, our product offering has expanded into areas such as piping, chillers, and digital controls. Today we are part of one of the largest HVAC mechanical contractors in Illinois. With over 100,000 sq. ft. of fabrication space and over 400 qualified welders at our disposal, we have the resources and manpower to support the largest of projects. We have field personnel that can install and start-up the equipment we fabricate so that your project can truly be turn-key. Our service personnel are trained specifically on the equipment in order to support the end user after installation, and they are available to support you 24/7/365.

About PMT Nuclear

Our knowledgeable and experienced personnel have the right background to make your project a success. Our team comprises of designers, engineers and quality assurance personnel who work on nuclear projects…exclusively. We’re not a third party dedicator or a large corporation where nuclear safety-related equipment is a small part of their portfolio – Nuclear Safety-Related is what we do…it IS our CORE business. Whether you need a single replacement damper or are installing a completely new HVAC system as part of your extended power uprate, PMT Nuclear is your solution.

Nuclear Experience

Nuclear Staff and Craft – 25 Year Average Experience

PMT has Designed, Fabricated, Qualified, Tested and Installed Nuclear Equipment and Systems Worldwide

Mechanical, Structural, Electrical Design

Seismic Qualification by Analysis and Testing

Environmental Qualification of Equipment and Components in accordance with IEEE Standards

Experience With many A/E’s, OEM’s, International and Domestic Nuclear Utilities

Design and Engineering

PMT Designs Over 95% of Projects

Performed and Controlled IAW Nuclear QA Program

Staff of Engineers and PE’s of Diverse Disciplines for Turnkey Design Projects

Design Specialists Operating AutoCAD® Systems

PMT Designs Solutions for Nuclear Power Plants


Nuclear Division

New Construction

Custom Design and Fab





Commercial HVAC

Mechanical Systems Services

Electrical, Piping, HVAC and Refrigeration Contracting


You can count on us for immediate response, customer service excellence and proven solutions for your HVAC commercial needs.  PMT Nuclear continues to innovate. Building on the expertise of our employee-owners gives PMT Nuclear a real advantage. Each day, we provide solutions to customer needs along with exceptional service. We run our business with a focus on our customer, offering quality goods and services along with a steadfast belief in family and community.

Benjamin Campbell

Benjamin Campbell



Direct Number: 630.320.7790

Email: bcampbell@ams-pmt.com

Charles Wojcik

Charles Wojcik

Vice President

Responsible for the management and the operation of PMT Nuclear. This includes Sales and Marketing required to promote business development domestically and internationally.

Direct Number: 630.320.7730

Email: cwojcik@ams-pmt.com

Mike Marcuccilli, MBA

Mike Marcuccilli, MBA

Director of Nuclear Sales


Direct Number: 630.470.7960

Email: mmarcuccilli@ams-pmt.com

Adam Toepper

Adam Toepper

Quality Assurance Manager

Responsible for the day-to-day administration and implementation of the PMT Quality Assurance Program; prepared present quality assurance program including Quality Assurance Manual and implementation of work procedures.

Direct Number: 630.300.8055

Email: atoepper@ams-pmt.com

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