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Nuclear HVAC Flex Connections

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Nuclear HVAC Flex Connections

PMT manufactures custom flexible connections for HVAC applications.  Flex connections are designed specifically for each application based on the pressure, environmental conditions, and maximum allowable movement.

PMT has manufactured rectangular flexible connections as large as 120″ x 50″ and round flexible connections as large as 84″ Diameter.  For extreme conditions, PMT can perform pressure, leakage and fatigue testing on prototype flexible connections to validate performance.  For Harsh Environment applications, PMT can provide safety-related flexible connections qualified for use up to 11.54 MRADS and +500 F.

  • 25″ w.g. Maximum Standard Static Pressure (Higher pressure models are available)
  • Bubble Tight configurations are available
  • Rectangular or Round models in all sizes
  • Special configurations are available
  • Baffels available for abrasive applications
  • Complete environmental qualifications (including seismic)
  • Design allows replacement of flex material while in-place if required
  • Silicone impregnated flex material is standard (Many other types are available)
  • Welding and inspections in accordance with AWS and/or ASME as required
  • Manufactured in accordance with our Quality Assurance program

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