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HELB Damper

PMT manufactures High Energy Line Break (HELB) dampers for safety-related applications.  These dampers, also known as Pressure Transient Isolation (PTID) dampers, are heavy duty dampers that are designed to isolate rooms or systems in the event of a main steam or feedwater line break.  The PMT HELB dampers are extremely fast acting and have extremely low leakage.  All dampers are custom designed and manufactured for your application.  They can be designed to close upon the reverse of flow direction or an increase in flow.  We can also integrate the HELB damper with a fire damper to make one compact assembly.  PMT dampers are manufactured in-house utilizing the best available materials and components and will last for the life of the plant virtually maintenance free.  With our airflow testing capabilities, PMT can run a complete set of performance and operations tests on your damper prior to shipment to verify functionality.

tornado damper

Tornado Damper Features

  • Exhaust and supply configurations are available
  • 3.0 psig maximum standard static pressure (higher pressure models are available)
  • Special configurations are available
  • Counterweight and/or spring actuation is available
  • Activated by: airflow increase or airflow reversal
  • Complete environmental qualifications (including seismic)
  • Available with limit switches
  • Silicone blade seals are standard (other types are available)
  • Low pressure drop
  • ANSI Class I, Class II or Class III leakage rate as applicable
  • Welding and inspections in accordance with AWS and/or ASME as required
  • Manufactured in accordance with our Quality Assurance program

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