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PMT provides safety-related and non-safety related water chillers driven by centrifugal compressors.  These centrifugal chillers are available in capacities from approximately 250 to 3,000 tons (~880 to 10,550 kW).  For water chillers with a capacity, less than 250 tons see the Screw Chiller page.

In many cases, a standard commercial design can be provided at a lower cost and with a faster delivery.  Commercial units can be supplied as non-safety related or can be dedicated and supplied as safety related.  PMT Engineering and Quality Assurance perform inspections and witness tests at the commercial grade supplier’s facilities throughout fabrication as part of the commercial grade item dedication plan.  Evaporator and condenser water boxes can be customized so that the inlet/outlet nozzles match up to existing piping, which will help to reduce or eliminate the amount of field piping changes required.  This and other design considerations help reduce installation time and the scope of your design change packages.

For retrofit applications where space or access is limited, PMT can design a custom chiller for your application.  PMT chillers are designed from the ground up to meet your specific needs.  We can locate customer connection points (water, power, relief) in locations so that no field modifications are required during installation.  Additionally, PMT can design the motor starter interface to match your existing setup. Because PMT designs and manufactures the chillers, custom design features desired by the site can readily be incorporated into the chiller package during the manufacturing phase should the need arise.

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