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PMT’s engineers are knowledgeable about HVAC components and system design.  We can troubleshoot your mechanical issues and equipment problems and help you implement solutions to help your plant run better and stay online.  In some cases, the problem may not be the component, but the system.  PMT can review your entire system and find the root cause of your issues.  If you’re having trouble overcoming an issue, or simply need another opinion, contact our field engineering department and we can dispatch personnel to your site to help you envision a solution.

Additionally, if you’re installing our HVAC equipment and want a manufacturer’s representative on site to make sure everything goes smoothly, PMT can supply engineers to support you during installation.  We will make sure it gets done right, and if any surprises come up, we are right there with you to develop a recovery plan.

Nuclear Field Engineering

PMT’s Engineers are ready and available at any time to come on site and develop solutions to your design challenges. We can meet with your engineers to understand your design criteria and goals, and then walk down your existing equipment and develop designs for replacement equipment.  For major equipment replacement, our metrology team will perform 3D laser scanning of large equipment rooms, and make sure that every sub-component that gets brought in will fit through the smallest opening.

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