Piping and Systems Installation

Nuclear Services Piping and Systems Installation

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PMT employs pipe fitters with extensive welding qualifications on carbon steel, stainless steel, and specialty metals.  We can fabricate pipe spools in-house under our safety related QA program and install them at your plant, or just provide personnel in a supervisory / support role.  Alternatively, PMT personnel can completely refurbish existing equipment by replacing piping sections and repairing your ASME Section VIII code vessels and applying an R-Stamp.  Our personnel have nuclear experience and know how to get the job done on time and on budget.

Additionally, PMT personnel have complete brazing qualifications. If you are struggling with brazing, have our personnel come on site to train your personnel to make a properly brazed joint or perform the install for you. We have found many plants struggle with brazing due to incorrect procedures or untrained personnel. Our welding/brazing experts are extremely knowledgeable and can review your existing welding/brazing procedures, or come on site to help train your personnel so that the next time you need a repair you know the joint will be made right and will last.

Piping Systems Installation

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