Blow Out Panels

Nuclear Purpose Built Blow Out Panels

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PMT can supply blow out panels for HELB and tornado protection. From an auxiliary feed pump room to tornado protection for your aux building, PMT can do the job.

Some of the services we can provide:

  • Replacement and new designs
  • Shear bolt or magnet target design
  • Replacement shear bolts
  • Shop tested Seismically qualified

Blow Out Panels

Blow out panel manufactured by PMT for an auxiliary feed pump room to serve as HELB protection while protecting the room from an overpressure event.

Blow out panel

Auxiliary building blow-out panel supplied by PMT at D.C. Cook. This panel provides tornado protection for the auxiliary building. The original panel was damaged during a severe storm. PMT designed, manufactured and supplied this panel in two weeks. It is attached using a shear bolt design.

Blowout Panel

Testing of a Blowout Panel

The following blowout panel was one of a series supplied to Exelon’s LaSalle Station for HELB protection. Shear bolts are used to break the panel away during accident conditions. Follow the testing process for the unit.

Blow-out panel on a test stand. A vessel pressurized with air is used to achieve accident conditions to test blow out pressure. The stand is instrumented to capture all data.

The test is a success! The panel blows out at the required pressure by snapping the shear bolts manufactured by PMT.

60 ton chiller unit

The vessel is piped to a fixture which allows test pressure to be felt on the blow-out panel.

60 ton chiller unit

After testing is complete, a prototype security barrier is made and installed in the fixture, ensuring a proper fit in the field.

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