CRD Hydraulic Control Units

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PMT is proud to introduce its new line of replacement stainless steel CRD Hydraulic Control Units (HCU) for BWR plants.


PMT has reverse engineered and designed a replacement CRD-HCU for BWR’s. The replacement unit is a like-for-like replacement for the stainless steel HCU’s provided by the OEM.


PMT has performed an equivalency evaluation of PMT’s HCU to the OEM original unit and upgraded unit. If you are interested in a copy of this equivalency evaluation, please contact us.

Design features include:

  • Manufactured utilizing stainless steel – not susceptible to corrosion
  • Like-for-like replacement as compared to OEM’s upgraded unit
  • Designed and manufactured under PMT’s Quality Assurance Program
  • All HCU’s are ASME “U” Stamped
  • 100% functional test after manufacturing
  • Spare parts kit available
  • Large cost savings as compared to OEM replacement units

PMT can supply replacement CRD-HCU’s.
Replacement units are manufactured from stainless steel.

PMT can provide cost-effective stainless steel replacement HCU’s.

stainless steel CRD Hydraulic Control Units

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