Control Retrofits / Digital Upgrades

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PMT can upgrade your existing chiller by installing our NUC-Magnum digital controller.  We have the technical personnel who will understand your application and correctly program the controller to run your existing chiller.  Our controller can be set up to run any manufacturer’s chiller and also custom chillers.  Benefits include detailed alarm history and control of chilled water temperature as precise as +/- 0.5 F.

The software has already been through a rigorous nuclear V&V process and the enclosure design has already been seismically qualified and passed EMI/RFI testing.  The commercial version of our controller has been successfully operating all types of chillers in thousands of installations over the past decade, so it has a proven operating history.

Additionally, dozens of our nuclear specific controller have been supplied to nuclear power plants.  The NUC-Magnum controller is available supplied under our quality assurance program as safety-related, or as commercial grade with nuclear specific upgrades such as EMI/RFI qualification, NEMA 4 enclosure, enhancements for cybersecurity, and many others.

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